Our Family’s Venue

The Sprengergarten facility is proudly owned and operated by the Williams family. Founders Ted & Shiela Williams, along with daughter Christine Morak and son, Teddy Williams, are directly involved in managing the property. The idea of Sprengergarten has stemmed from the traditions of our family and is brought to life in different ways with each event.

Shiela Williams – Owner

Shiela oversees all aspects of the events scheduled at Sprengergarten. She views each event from the customer’s perspective, treating everyone involved in the same way that she would expect to be treated if she were that customer. Although she primarily works behind the scenes, her influence is evident in each event and the evolving refinements at Sprengergarten. With help from her daughter Christine, Shiela manages the accounting process, vendor relationships, staffing, and the overall Sprengergarten experience.

Ted Williams – Owner

Ted started the Sprengergarten journey with a vacant land investment in 2008. His focus is the design and layout of the 18+ acre property with the goal of creating an exceptional experience. With his brother Richard and son Teddy, they personally built many of the existing features and gardens. Together they design, develop and incorporate new ideas into Sprengergarten and its future. The trio listens to everyone’s ideas and feedback while trying to prioritize the seemingly endless list of future enhancements. After a thirty-year career in banking, Ted now considers himself an entrepreneur and enjoys developing Sprengergarten and other projects.

Christine Morak – Director of Sales

Christine is the face with which clients first interact. She handles all client outreach and social media. Christine coordinates communication between staff and clients, assists with different features of the venue space leading up to the events, and schedules and attends tours and tastings.

Teddy Williams – Director of Operations

Teddy is responsible for all activities related to event preparation, setup, and teardown. He has the working knowledge of the entire Sprengergarten site and our complete inventory of event-related resources. It is his responsibility to take our guests’ requirements and configure the setup for a truly spectacular event. On occasion, we do back-to-back events, and his expertise in efficient setup and teardown makes everyone’s role a lot easier.

If that weren’t enough, Teddy has had a direct hand in building and maintaining our Sprengergarten facility. As the youngest member of the family, he has the strength and energy to do things that the older guys can’t. His contribution can be seen and appreciated throughout Sprengergarten.

Richard Williams – Steward of Renovations

Specializing in woodworking and engineering projects, Richard assists with many of the upgrades at Sprengergarten. As Ted’s brother, his craft to improve the venues and grounds carries on the Sprengergarten family tradition. He has been a part of Sprengergarten from the beginning. His ideas and contributions are visible throughout the property.

The History of Sprengergarten

Trail Riders

Before Sprengergarten acquired the land to use as a luxury venue, it belonged to a group of twenty-five families called Trail Riders. They were all horse lovers and collectively owned the property, which was used as an arena for barrel races and other equestrian events in the corral. The Sprengergarten family lovingly repurposed and renovated structures that were original to the property to be environmentally friendly and pay homage to the history of the grounds and its previous owners.

The Sprengergarten Name: The Sprengers

Rudolf Sprenger and his wife Anna were the inspiration behind the name Sprengergarten. Rudy, a Great Uncle, was a German immigrant who purchased a seventeen-acre parcel of land in Neshanic, New Jersey. The natural character of the property was shared with beautifully maintained landscapes. 

Although Rudy passed away two weeks before Ted Williams was born, that magical property was inherited by Julie and Paul Koch, Ted’s grandparents. As kids, Ted, his brother Rich, and his sister Carol spent many summers staying on that property and exploring all of its wonders. Those fond childhood memories remained with them forever and became part of who they are today.

Separately, being of German descent, the family enjoyed attending many different Biergartens throughout the east coast. The Sprenger name, coupled with the German word for garden, is a tribute to the man and woman responsible for gifting that experience to their family. 

The grounds are maintained with the same inspiration as the New Jersey property. We hope visiting Sprengergarten will touch our guests with a similar feeling and experience.